Practical Solutions for the Small Business

Grow Your Business - the next step.

Most entrepreneurs share a common goal: business expansion. You may want to broaden the scope of your business, diversify, or improve your present practices and skills. However, changing the direction or focus of your business will also change the way your business operates.

We'll review the feasibility of your goals, diagnose both existing and potential business problems, put together an action plan, review funding requirements and facilitate the implementation of your expansion strategy. When you're ready to take your business to the next level, we'll make sure you're stepping in the right directio by preparing a plan that will take you through the growth process with minimal pain -- and maximum gain.

Implementation Strategy
Expansion Assessment and Plan Development

We'll help you to plan for the many ways in which expansion will impact the day-to-day functions of your business, as well as its future. We will prepare a detailed business plan that will guide you through all of the legal, staffing, technological and financial issues that must be considered.

Once we've outlined the growth objectives and requirements for your business, we will coordinate the funding process and secure the kind of terms you need to make the growth period as feasible and comfortable as possible.

Packaging for loan submissions from $25,000 and up:

Market research and feasibility analysis
Business systems assessment
Marketing strategy
Financial needs analysis
Return ratio
Development costs
Revenue projections
Cash flow Analysis
Implementation Strategy
Traditional bank financing
Small business bank lending
SBA loan programs
Community development funding
City grants and loans
Venture capital and equity investment
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